Sunday, October 11, 2009

aubergine balls


bread crumbles
parmesan cheese
one egg
salt and pepper
olive oil

Cut the aubergine in twoes, sparkle some salt and let them purge the water (and the bitterness) for about 20 minutes. It is a good idea to put them on a dish and cover them with kitchen paper and a weight on the top, so they lose even more water and bitterness
Cook the aubergines in the oven (40-45ยบ) or in the microvawe. Mash them using a masher or chop them very finely, add one egg, some parmesan cheese, a lot of basil, some mashed garlic, salt, pepper and the bread crumbles (quantities may vary depending on the aubergines, just follow your instinct).
Fry the balls in some olive oil. They are delicious both warm and cold.